When it comes to waste management inside the laboratory, United Enviro Systems goes one step further than most companies in the industry. Not only do we service, package and arrange for transportation and disposal of chemical waste material, but we also can help you manage it more effectively and safely.

  • labpackConsolidation of Compatible Waste Materials. (Xylences, Alcohols, Formailin, ext.)
  • Lab pack services Sorting and packing of compatible materials for the safest and most cost effective disposal options available. We are committed to safe work practices, protecting us and your personnel.
  • Identifying Unknowns Testing of compounds for DOT and EPA characteristics to enable proper transport and disposal.
  • Reactive Handling and Disposal Picric Acids, Ethers and others form explosive peroxides with age or improper storage. We can safely handle and deactivate the hazards to make your workplace safe.
  • Pharmacy Wastes Secure Destruction of Narcotics and OTC drugs.
  • Chemotherapy Drug Waste Several Chemotherapy drugs are regulated by the EPA. Make sure these materials are disposed of properly.
  • Mercury Device Recycling Thermometers, Spygmonmanometers, etc.

hazmat tagWe've developed a waste tagging system, which identifies materials by date, laboratory, chemical name, hazard class and generating chemist. Under our system, tagged materials are picked up at the point of generation at regular intervals. After collection, our field technicians are capable of contacting your lab personnel who generated the material and identify unknowns or fill in any missing information. Any other questions and concerns are also addressed at this time.

labradorOne benefit of this system incorporates grouping of compatible chemicals for more economical disposal, while preventing accidents from the mixing of incompatible materials. Others include identifying opportunities for waste minimization, expedition of acceptance at disposal sites and assistance in breaking down disposal costs by lab or department in order to "increase accuracy in yearly budget projections." Most importantly, with United Enviro Systems handling your Lab-Packs, you can be sure your operations remain in total compliance with the complex state and federal regulations that govern them.
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