The variety of situations we are called upon to handle demands a highly skilled, completely prepared team of technicians.

We’re proud of the fact that United Enviro Systems’ field crews are trained and equipped to respond to virtually any hazardous waste project – specifically EPA levels A through D.

All of our crew members have successfully completed the OSHA – mandated 40-hour Hazardous Waste Training Program (Regulated under CFR titles 29 Part 1910.120). We conduct regular refresher safety sessions that cover areas such as Fire Training, First Aid, CPR and Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing. The sessions encompass field exercises, too, for subjects like Lab-Pack and Confined Space Procedures. In addition, our crew members participate in an annual (or as necessary) Medical Surveillance Program to maintain each member’s readiness.

The equipment our crews use also contributes to optimum readiness. We make sure our technicians wear the highest quality protective clothing and carry top-of-the-line supplies and hardware for the safest and best possible end results.

Finally, we at United Enviro Systems feel it’s important to keep ourselves current in the industry. For that reason, we schedule regular sessions with guest speakers from disposal facilities to report on regulatory changes that effect their facilities or new protocol requirements. Visits from certified experts in fields such as reactives, as well as educational consultants and special instructors keep our staff aware of new developments and changing information. In addition, we often attend educational seminars regarding such subjects as safe handling and transportation, so that United Enviro Systems personnel are most informed at all times for their own safety … and yours.
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