United Enviro Systems, Inc., can and does prepare all documentation to obtain approvals and ship waste materials to pre-approved TSDF facilities. United Enviro Systems, Inc., works closely with our client’s environmental, legal and regulatory personnel to insure that these documents are accurate and complete prior to the clients certification. United Enviro Systems, Inc., additionally prepares required reporting and supporting documentation.

These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Waste Profiles
  • Periodic Waste Generation Summaries
  • Certificates of Destruction/Disposal
  • Packing Lists
  • Container Labels
  • Manifests
  • Bills of Lading
  • Land Disposal Restriction Forms
  • Waste Generation Estimates for Budgetary Planning
  • Daily Work Summary Reports
  • Site Safety and Health Plans
  • NYS Quarterly Tax Reports
  • Annual and Bi-annual Hazardous Waste Reports

United Enviro Systems, Inc., can additionally tailor invoices to each clients requirements. Invoices can be broken down to reflect costs for recycle/disposal, transportation, manpower and materials for any cost center, department, laboratory or individual.
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